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Child Support Management System (CSMNET)

CSMNET operates in a Microsoft Windows .NET environment over a PC based network. The system is written in ASP.NET/VB and can interact with numerous databases directly or via ODBC. CSMNET is a browser-based software application that relies on a web server(such as Microsoft IIS7, Wampserver, Apache,etc.) to serve the web pages. Ideally, CSMNET will run in a PC network consisting of several PC’s and a file server running SQL Server and IIS7 or later. Each of the PC’s would have a desktop link to the application software.

CSMNET is an ASP.NET/VB version of the CSM software which over the last 30 years has run in various environments including, COBOL, Powerbuilder/Jaguar, C++, Dbase, Paradox, and others. The latest version represents the best from all previous versions and provides modern day users and system administrators with a fully functional browser-based child support enforcement application system.

System Modules briefly describes the functionality of each of the modules found in CSMNET. Modules can be added or removed as needed and the system customized to meet each agency’s specific needs. System Modules is broken down into various sections along the lines of the modules in the system. Certain modules are required since they are the basis for creating Cases in CSMNET.

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